Studying Filipinos in more places, for more angles, and a longer time than anyone else.

chika portion

Roughly translates to Getting To Know You  stage of a conversation

  • what we do
  • about our history
  • what we're good at
  • how we think

what we do

PSRC thinks inside out, outside in. Big picture to the smallest detail, quantitative to qualitative, in, out, up, down, through and through. We strategize and mine insights to help you find inspiring, game-changing ways to build your business.


You will see sides to your consumers you may have never seen, and find out things you may have never known. Because we’ll give you the inside scoop on the Filipino, the PSRC way. The deeper dish that generates the more hardworking insights. It's the most effective way we've found to reach clarity, action, and results.

about our history

In 1974, we were babies in a newborn industry. Twelve people with one client. We've grown a lot in 45 years. Now, we're known as one of the leading custom research companies in the country. We have a hundred specialists on board and a wide-reaching roster of local and global blue-chip clients on our wall.


We talk to over 200,000 consumers each year, continuously adding to a collective knowledgebase of over 200 years experience.

what we're good at

We go into every project looking to develop a fun, friendly, productive business relationship with clients. We hope you find that out for yourselves. We aren't stiff or formal because we think the best work comes out when we're all comfortable with each other. 


You'll find that we act more like consultants and advisors in projects. The process is always collaborative. We think the way we work builds strong business relationships because we're not just delivering against deadlines. We like making friends with the people we work with. We believe that we achieve more in a partnership based on healthy respect and honesty.

how we think

What you'll get from us is a "method-neutral" approach to research. It will be designed specifically for your business issues.


We're not boxed in by a limited set of tools to work with. And we don't feel compelled to sell you tools you don't need.

And you will find that our recommendations will be grounded on real insights.